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As a professional copywriter and writer in Berlin I am cooperating with business and sales clients. In the fields of sustainable lifestyle, food, fitness and literature I support them in establishing and maintaining long-term business relationships with their customers through optimized texts that perfectly match their brand(s). Taking care of the worthful things!

I was born in 1987 – long time before I planned my business as a freelance writer. Between prefabricated buildings and rather provincial landscapes I discovered my love for literature and writing. Everything started with handwritten poems which I then typewrote on the computer and saved on floppy disks. Search engine texts and high-speed laptops were, back then in 2002, something I did not have the faintest idea of …

What happened soon after? Needless to say, all of that changed significantly over the years to come. In order to gain more life experience, I decided to move to Erfurt where I began to study Literary Studies. There, I co-found  “wortwuchs”, a literary journal we had laboriously patched together. Taking a stroll down memory lane today, I do admit that this does sound somewhat crazy. After working at the editorial office, I was yearning for more freedom and wanted to explore something entirely different and new.

My wanderlust was satisfied when I arrived in Leipzig, where I enrolled in the Creative Writing M.A. Program at the renowned German Institute for Literature. This entailed the following: further engagement with texts of all kinds and forms; experimenting with new styles of writing; typing, tearing pages, throwing them away and starting anew; and, not to forget: studying, studying, studying. My goal was to master every conceivable style of writing. And yet, to me this did not seem to be enough, so I moved to Belgium to work at the Goethe Institute Brussels. By that time, I had already written for blogs, newspapers, magazines and websites.

Where did I end up? In 2014, I moved all the way up to river Spree, to Berlin where I worked as a professional Copywriter and Content Manager for several major agencies. Now, my quest for freedom is finally completed: Since 2017, I have been working as a freelance editor.  Today, I am proud to demonstrate my professional knowledge in the fields of Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Advertising and Creative Writing. Here you can read more about my focal points.

Getting more curious by now? In all these fields, I would gladly like to assist you with my experience. Let’s get in contact! Please send me a message. I am eagerly looking forward to your projects.